Bridge for Beginning Players

Beginner lessons continue on Thursday evenings.

Our enthusiastic beginners are now playing actual games and earning Masterpoints !  We are almost half way through the 2nd six week series of classes for EasyBridge!1.

If all goes to plan and the weather cooperates, EasyBridge!1 will wrap up the last class on January 30.

The start of EasyBridge!2 should follow shortly thereafter.

If sufficient interest is evident for a new beginners' EasyBridge!1 class at that time, we will form one as well.

Thursday evenings at [6:30 pm. - 9:00 pm.].

For additional information or to register for classes, contact us by calling the instructor directly, Steven Grzegorzewski (814) 573-4743.  You can also contact us via email by using the Contact Us link on this page to sign up, or inquire for additional information.

Intermediate Bridge Classes

Anyone interseted in taking an intermediate bridge class can join in on classes held at the Erie Bridge Club, Monday afternoons or Thursday mornings (Bridge Labs) or Wednesday afternoons (Intermediate Class).  A list of topics and meeting times can be found on thier website (use the link below).

Erie Bridge Club Lessons

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Contact Us About Lessons

For more information or to register for beginner or intermediate lessons or the bridge lab, please send us your contact information below and a brief description of your specific inquiry.

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