Bridge for Beginning Players

EasyBridge! 1 will begin new sessions for beginners this fall in Erie (Erie Bridge Club). 

 Beginner Classes  - Monday Sept 11th @ 6:30 pm or Wednesday September 6th @ 1:00 pm.


..........EasyBridge!1 $120 (includes the text/workbook for all classes)

The EasyBridge! class is 15 weeks (1 class per week).

Fall classes will run from Sept 6th through Dec. 20th.

For additional information or to register for classes, contact us by calling the instructor directly, Steven Grzegorzewski (814) 573-4743.  You can also contact us via email by using the Contact Us link on this page to sign up, or inquire for additional information.

You may also use the link for the Erie Bridge Club above for more info.

Beginner/Intermediate Bridge Lab Classes

Anyone intereseted in taking beginner or intermediate bridge class can join in on classes held at the Erie Bridge Club, [Bridge Labs].  Monday afternoons (beginners) or Wednesday afternoons (intermediate).  A list of topics and meeting times can be found on thier website (use the link below).

Erie Bridge Club Lessons

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Contact Us About Lessons

For more information or to register for beginner or intermediate lessons or the bridge lab, please send us your contact information below and a brief description of your specific inquiry.

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